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Michael Celenza


For more than 27 years, Mr. Celenza has adhered to the philosophy that everyone is a customer and outstanding service is paramount. Starting as a loan officer for a Savings & Loan, Mr. Celenza has been involved in nearly every aspect of mortgage lending. He has applied his broad knowledge base to build multiple organizations, to include initiating start-ups and improving existing platforms.

Mr. Celenza has led clients in ventures to identify and conduct due diligence for potential merger and acquisitions and established de novo nationwide production/fulfillment mortgage banking platforms. He has assisted multiple organizations, including banks, in obtaining agency approvals (Including; FHA, VA, USDA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae and Direct Endorsement), directed staffing procedures for sales and operations, and provided oversight of production and fulfillment for multiple subsidiaries. Mr. Celenza is an expert in aspects of FHA, VA and USDA and maintains FHA Direct Endorsement Authority.

Along with Roger F. Brown, CMB, Mr. Celenza formed Buckley Advisors in 2007, with its’ primary focus to clients in the Banking and Mortgage Banking Industries. Mr. Celenza has been an active consultant to the Banking and Mortgage Banking Industry since 2006.